Craigger Browne (American, born 1967) and Marcello Giorgi (Italian, born 1962), Nostra Luna (Our Moon), 2019, marble and granite, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Commissioned by the City of Montgomery

Nostra Luna (Our Moon) (2019)

Craigger Browne and Marcello Giorgi

Celebrating the international friendship between Montgomery and Pietrasanta, Italy (Sister Cities since 2006), Alabama artist Craigger Browne and Italian artist Marcello Giorgi collaborated on Nostra Luna (Our Moon), 2019. Using marble from Sylacauga, Alabama, which is known as the whitest marble in the world and is similar in structure to the Carrara marble quarried in Pietrasanta, the artists referenced the Italian folklore belief that the moon has two faces, one looking at the past and the other towards the future. To echo this idea, Browne carved a young woman who looks over the city of Montgomery with hope for the future on one side, while on the other, Giorgi carved an older woman gazing back over Pietrasanta with an appreciation for its rich history.


From left to right: MMFA Director, Angie Dodson; MMFA Board President, Pete Knight; Montgomery Mayor, Todd Strange; Alabama artist Craigger Browne; Italian artist Marcello Giorgi; and the former Mayor of Pietrasanta, Massimo Mallegni.
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