Jamey Grimes (American, born 1976), Taraxacum, 2020, aluminum, Lent by the artist

Taraxacum (2020)

Jamey Grimes

Alabama artist Jamey Grimes (born 1976) has created a work inspired by nature: Taraxacum, 2020. Named for the genus of the common dandelion, Grimes uses geometrical forms to represent the dandelion in its seed pod form. Extending off the plinth, his individual aluminum seeds tumble across the reflecting pool. In home gardens, the dandelion is often considered as both a nuisance (a weed) and an object of wonder (blowing the seeds and making a wish). In the Garden, the oversized Taraxacum is a captivating and whimsical interpretation of this flowering plant.


This installation is sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Barry L. Wilson with additional support provided by sponsors PowerSouth and ServisFirst Bank and co-sponsors Gage and Mark LeQuire.

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