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Montgomery Museum of Fine Art

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Staff and Board


ADMINISTRATION  334.240.4333
Mark M. Johnson, Director
Cathy Heads, Director’s Secretary
Gloria Simons, Volunteer Coordinator*

Facility Rentals and Services
Tisha Rhodes, Director of Services         334.240.4350

DEVELOPMENT  334.240.4348
Jill Barry, Deputy Director for Development
(Vacant), Development Officer
(Vacant), Development Assistant

CURATORIAL    334.240.4333
Margaret Lynne Ausfeld, Senior Curator of Art
Jennifer Jankauskas, Curator of Art
Michael Panhorst, Curator of Art
Pam Bransford, Registrar
Sarah Elizabeth Kelly, Registration Assistant*
Sarah Puckitt, Collections Information Specialist
Jeff Dutton, Preparator/Designer
Brad Echols, Preparator
Amy Johnson, Librarian*  334-240-4358

EDUCATION  334.240.4365
Timothy Brown, Curator of Education
Alice Novak, Assistant Curator of Education, Adult Programs
Donna Pickens, Assistant Curator of Education, Studio Programs
Jill Byrd, Tour Coordinator
Laura Bocquin, Outreach Coordinator
(Vacant), Education Secretary

Cynthia Milledge, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Vernell Watts, Receptionist   334.240.4333

MUSEUM STORE     334.240.4377
Kay Jacoby, Associate*
Jennifer Lewis, Associate*
Amy Seanor, Associate*

CAFE M/Jenny Weller Catering   334.240.4338

OPERATIONS  334.240.4373
Steve Shuemake, Assistant Director for Operations
Janet Carroll, Accountant
Karen Barker, Operations Secretary

Percy Bowman, Building Maintenance Supervisor
Douglas Beachem
Dion Williams
Kristen Albright

Rick Allen, Chief of Security
Ryan Baugh
Irease Bowman
Ritchie Burdette
Willia Flanning
Christine Hall
Charles Harris, Jr.
Evelyn Pettis
Rickie Posey
Wilma Robinson
Kevin Wallace
Elizabeth Watkins

*denotes part-time employees


Board of Trustees

Barrie Harmon, President
Roger Spain, Vice President
David Chandler, Treasurer
Lucy Jackson, Secretary
Polly Hardegree, Immediate Past President

Carlton “Carl” Barker, Cedric Bradford, Patricia Budny, Karen Campbell, Lisa Capell, Hannah Chadee, David Chandler, Ginny Cumbus, Guy Davis, Ron Drinkard, Mary Dunn, Camille Elebash-Hill,  Bonner Engelhardt, Dr. Alma Freeman, Katherine Gayden, Susan Geddie, Katharine Harris, Ann Hubbert, Lucy Jackson, Pete Knight, Rosetta Ledyard, Joan Loeb, Margaret Lowder, Laura Luckett, Cathy Martin, Gordon Martin, Peggy Mussafer, Richard Neal, Caroline Novak, Patricia Pinchback,  Larry Puckett, Winston Wilson Reese, Dee Russell, Leslie Sanders, James Scott, Gloria Simons, Ben Stakely, Winifred Stakely, Barbara Thompson,  Melissa Tubbs, Frank Wilson, and Dr. Laurie Jean Weil.