Above: Photograph of a MPS tour of the exhibition About Face at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

Board of Trustees


Mr. Pete Knight


Mrs. Leslie L. Sanders

Immediate Past President

Mrs. Cathy R. Martin

Vice President

Mr. David Chandler


Mrs. Mary Stowers Dunn


Association Elected Trustees

Mr. Barrett Austin

Mr. Cedric Bradford

Mrs. Ginny Cumbus

Mr. William Ford

Ms. Yvette Gilkey-Shuford

Mr. Jason Goodson

Dr. Myrtle Goore

Mr. Derek Johnson

Mr. Rhon Jones

Ms. Barbara Larson

Mrs. Allison Muhlendorf

Ms. Sheron Rose

Mr. Robert Runkle

Ms. Kathy Sawyer

Mr. Adam Schloss

Mr. Mark Snead

Ms. Barbara W. Thompson

Mr. Griffith Waller

Ms. Janet Waller

Justice Kelli Wise

Association Appointed Trustees

Ms. Camille Finley

Volunteer Representative

Mrs. Holly C. McCorkle

Junior Executive Board Representative

Mrs. Mary Lil Owens

Education Representative

Mrs. Catherine S. Porter

River Region Representative

Ms. Melissa Tubbs

Montgomery Art Guild Representative

Montgomery City Council Appointed Trustees


District 1

Mrs. Winifred Stakely

District 2

Mrs. Karen J. Campbell

District 3

Mrs. Rosetta R. Ledyard

District 4

Mrs. Jennifer Shaw

District 5

Mrs. Kerry Powell

District 6

Mrs. Lucy Martin Jackson

District 7

Laurie J. Weil, D.V.M.

District 8

Mrs. Susan Yvette Price

District 9

Annual Report

Form 990

Fiscal Year 2019

Fiscal Year 2018

Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2014

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