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Volunteer Recognition Day at the MMFA

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On October 20th, the Lowder Gallery looked like a launch pad for miniature hot air balloons! The theme for the 2013-14 Volunteer Recognition was “Our Volunteers Help Us Soar Higher.” Seventy volunteers and their guests enjoyed a delicious luncheon catered by Jenny Weller. Director Mark Johnson welcomed all and thanked them for their commitment to the Museum.

Volunteers watched as images of what the various areas of the Museum would look like without them were projected on screen. This was  followed by pictures of the volunteers in action. The last segment showed all members of the staff holding “Thank You” signs. Tim Brown, Curator of Education, did a fantastic job pulling the images together complete with music!

Every year, volunteers contribute their time and talents to the Museum. As volunteer coordinator, and an active volunteer myself, I know the difference that this service can make in the Museum’s programs. I was pleased to work with other Museum staff  to organize the luncheon that recognized each of the following individuals for their outstanding service to the Museum.

Art Auction Award: Ginny Cumbus & Mary Dunn
Technology on the Road Award: Ben Cumbus
Development Leadership Award: Barrie Harmon
Junior Executive Board: Beth Hataway
Special Events Award: Winston Wilson-Reese
Assistance Needed Today Award: Agnes Han
First Impressions Award: Henrietta Macguire, Helen Till
Flimp: FAME group from BTW (Caroline Barmeitler, Stephen Brickley, Mark Bullock, Betty Jackson, Lil Martin, Claudia Mitchell, Edward Patillo, Mamie Sellers)


Embracing Technology: Mattie Dejarnette
Rookie of the Year: Sheryl Rosen
Outstanding Contribution to The Art of Baking and Cakewalk Tour: Katherine Danley
Outstanding Contribution to Outreach: Corrine Cau
Outstanding Contribution to Studio: Paula Murphy
Outstanding Contribution to Gallery: Liz Land
Wayne Barto Memorial Award: Cathy Hegji
Pat Wanglie Award: George Jacobsen
100-Hour Club: Paula Murphy, Lou Scott

DSCN0832-blogEach recipient received a certificate of appreciation plus a package of notecards with images by artist James McNeill Whistler. One lucky volunteer at each table got to take home the beautiful floral centerpiece created by Melissa Kendall while every volunteer and guest received cookies in the shape of hot air balloons.

Gloria Simons
Volunteer Coordinator

View highlights from the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon