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Home Studio: Winter Mannequin

Overview Celebrate the winter season by creating a human figure wearing cold weather clothing using paper, stencils, and other materials. Resources Download Templates Material Suggestions Template for the figure, clothing, and accessories (download using the link above) Cardstock (for body parts) Decorative or colored paper Objects like sequins, beads, poms, pipe cleaners, ribbon for decorating …

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A drawing showing multicolored hearts within a frame, the drawing is clipped to a clothesline and surrounded by rainbow-colored ribbons. Overhead is a light brown tent.

Home Studio: Reflections of the HeART

Overview Engaging in art-making is a way to reflect on and express feelings or perspectives about current events related to the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustices, natural disasters, or beyond. This activity can be completed either from the comfort of your own home or safely in the Education Courtyard of the MMFA’s John and Joyce Caddell …

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Home Studio: Artful Words

Overview As we begin to return to school across our state and nation, we understand that feelings of anxiety are still high due to COVID-19 and that “returning to normal life” does not really exist. This Home Studio project teaches students to both think critically and express creatively, exercising brain power while releasing stress through …

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Home Studio: Honoring Juneteenth

Overview Juneteenth is the oldest celebration of the end of slavery in our nation. Traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday of June, this momentous occasion has been widely celebrated by African Americans since 1866 but it is only recently gaining broader recognition. For example, last Friday, Mayor Steven Reed issued a proclamation encouraging Alabamians to …

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Home Studio: Painting with Zelda

Overview Amid cancelled and postponed public programs, we are sadly unable to celebrate an exhibition showcasing the art of Montgomery doll of days past, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. However, this time of quarantine has already shown the strength of our community and a shared desire to stay connected through creativity. With a proper introduction to Zelda …

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Home Studio: Floral Arrangements

Overview Inspired by the blooms of spring and the trending #MuseumBouquet, MMFA Special Events Coordinator Aaron Ganey has created a floral arrangement that brings the beauty of spring inside. Designed after the asymmetrical shape of the arrangement depicted in William Glackens’ (1870-1938) Flowers in a Goblet (date unknown) from the Museum’s collection, everything in the demonstration …

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Home Studio: HeART for our Heroes

Overview Our healthcare professionals are working diligently to keep our community safe, and to show our appreciation the MMFA has joined forces with a local Montgomery artist. The artist—who wishes to remain anonymous—is donating personal protective equipment to healthcare facilities and has asked the Museum to collect words and images of encouragement from children across …

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Home Studio: From Pieces to Patterns

Overview Begin by viewing the selected quilts and engage in discussion comparing the quilts (design, color, pattern, materials, etc)—giving the opportunity to connect to the quilts through analysis. When compared, how are the quilts similar; how are they different? Finish the discussion with concepts of traditional and contemporary quilting (pattern, symmetrical, asymmetrical, applique). Objective To …

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