Sunday Puzzle – The Book Shop, Paris

May 29, 2020

Detail: John Kelly Fitzpatrick, The Book Shop, Paris, 1930; full image below


Each week we will share a new puzzle featuring an artwork from the Museum’s collection. Whether a solo personal challenge or joint family effort, we make it easy for you to get started solving—simply play on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

This week’s puzzle is John Kelly Fitzpatrick’s dreamy Parisian book shop.


A street scene showing people standing near a shop with bright blue paneling and yellow awnings. The upper stories of the building are white, and defined by windows with open shutters.
John Kelly Fitzpatrick (American, 1888–1953), The Book Shop, Paris, 1930, gouache on fiberboard, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of Mrs. Benjamin Fitzpatrick, 1970.45





How to Play

Click with a mouse or drag with your finger the digital puzzle pieces into place. Correct alignments will snap together.


On the Bottom Left
  • Image icon – click to see the work you are putting together
  • Ghost icon – click to see an opaque image of the work on the puzzle board
  • Dotted Square icon – click to arrange or disarrange the puzzle pieces
  • Three Dots icon – click to select to restart the puzzle, change your background color, adjust settings, or get help
On the Bottom Right
  • Puzzle icon – click to play on Jigsaw Planet
  • Window icon – click to play in full-screen mode

How to Rotate Pieces (Extreme)

Mouse + Keyboard

Move the mouse wheel up (left rotation) or down (right rotation).
Or, press the left (left rotation) or right (right rotation) arrow key.


Tap on the piece and then tap on the appeared left or right rotation icon.

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