Above: Adam Bodine (American, born 1986), What You Say, 2012, steel and cast iron, 120 x 120 x 78 inches, Lent by the artist

What You Say (2012)

Adam Bodine

Adam Bodine brings a sense of humor and fun into his sculpture. Employing salvaged wood and metal, he creates oversize images of toys. Bodine’s use of industrial materials formed into familiar objects allows him to explore themes of play, dreams, building, and learning. What You Say, 2012, conjures up nostalgic ideas of old-fashioned gramophones or brings to mind a more current image; that of a bullhorn, an apparatus used to amplify our voice.

Bodine received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia. He has worked at Sloss Furness in Birmingham and has shown his sculptures around the South.

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