Jessie Duncan Wiggin (American, 1872–1954), Untitled (Nymph), 1933, bronze, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of Vicki Weil, Rosalind Markstein, and Bobby Weil II, in memory of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Weil, 2017.3

Untitled (Nymph) (1933)

Jessie Duncan Wiggin

Jessie Duncan Wiggin’s 1933 bronze cast of a dancer was intended for placement in a garden. The artist hearkens back to the myths of ancient Greece in this depiction of a Nymph, that is, a spirit of nature responsible for protecting the environment around her. She is captured in motion, engaged in a joyous celebration that honors the beauty of art and nature combined as it is in the Cadddell Sculpture Garden.

Detail: Jessie Duncan Wiggin, Untitled (Nymph), 1933; full image above

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