Vincent Buwalda, (American, born 1965), The Children’s Gate, 2019, urethane paint on welded steel, Gift of the City of Montgomery, Todd Strange, Mayor, 2019.6

The Children's Gate (2019)

Vincent Buwalda

NOTE: This artwork has been temporarily removed for conservation.

The Children’s Gate (2019) is one of the MMFA’s permanent installations within the John and Joyce Caddell Sculpture Garden. The commission of the gate was a gift from Todd Strange, Former Mayor of the City of Montgomery, to honor a local artist with a permanent placement of a work of art in the Garden.

Created by Vincent Buwalda (American, born 1965), the brightly-colored gate is situated between the Sculpture Garden and the Education Courtyard. Buwalda’s inventive design, consisting of playful robots welded from steel, sparks the imagination of both the young and the young at heart, encouraging all who enter the Education Courtyard to unleash their own creativity.

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