Patrick Dougherty (American, born 1945), Rough ‘n Tumble, 2020, cherry laurel, ligustrum, and sweet gum gathered from the Montgomery area

Rough 'n Tumble (2020)

Patrick Dougherty

For Rough ‘n Tumble, artist Patrick Dougherty found inspiration in the ancient pyramids of Nubia—located in the Nile Valley of present-day Sudan. Dougherty placed one edge of each of his massive, woven pyramids on a pillow-like form to throw the structures off-balance. While they reach regally to the sky, the pyramids are simultaneously filled with a sense of wonder and whimsy.  Look through the windows to see inside or venture through the doorways of each structure to explore interior rooms. This “stickwork,” constructed of locally-gathered saplings over three weeks in March 2020, invites up-close-and-personal exploration and stirs our imaginations.



The MMFA is incredibly grateful for the generosity of sponsors Laura and Barrie Harmon and John Caddell and co-sponsor Warren Averett, Barganier Davis Williams Architects Associated, and Valley Bank with additional in-kind support by Warren Barrow for Patrick Dougherty’s installation. We appreciate the aid of multiple City of Montgomery Departments including Maintenance, Lagoon Park Trails, and Urban Forestry for all of their efforts in bringing this project to fruition.


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