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Alabama Threads: African American Quilts from the Permanent Collection

Throughout history, quilts have held an important and often cherished place in our culture, society and family traditions. Created in domestic settings, quilts serve both decorative and practical purposes. The creator is typically a woman and is not professionally trained, but has learned the essential skills of quilting in the home from her mother or relatives. The quilts quickly become treasured by the owners and often are passed on through the family to become prized heirlooms. Though the materials and techniques may be common, quilts, as a process, as art, as an image, reflect the very fabric of our history and democracy.

In 2004, the Museum acquired a collection of 48 quilts, most of which were created in West Alabama between 1945 and 2001. The collector, Kempf Hogan, assembled the collection in concert with folk art dealer Robert Cargo and their mutual dedication ensured that the collection is of both historical as well as artistic significance. Featured artists include Yvonne Wells, Mozell Benson, and Nora Ezell—all of whom now enjoy national renown. The designs of these textiles range from the traditional to the most contemporary forms of expression.

Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama.


Sculpture Garden

A Garden of Possibilities

Sculpture Garden Rendering

As the Museum celebrates 28 years in the Blount Cultural Park, we look forward to our future. The Board and staff are excited to announce that the construction of a new sculpture garden is underway. Incorporating over three acres to the east of the Museum, the new space is growing out of the Lowder Gallery and Education Wing and allows us to plan for a variety of new and expanded offerings, such as outdoor studio space, food service, and specialized event areas.

We see our newest gallery as an integration of the Museum and the Park. Over the past few years, we’ve often expanded beyond our walls with Flimp Festivals, concerts, glass blowing demonstrations, and receptions. By creating a new space that invites members and visitors to linger, we will encourage more outdoor art activities. Spaces will promote contemplation of three-dimensional works of art, as well as areas for social interaction and scheduled events.

The Museum’s consulting architects, Barganier Davis Sims Architects Associated, planned this beautiful and distinctly different expansion of our building with an anticipated completion in 2018. Transformed by season, time of day, and even weather, the garden will provide an ever-changing and contemplative haven for viewing of works of art, and for the enjoyment of the natural beauty of our Park.

Art Framed by Nature

The Sculpture Garden will provide an innovative venue for the display of art in the ever-changing natural landscape that we enjoy in our Blount Cultural Park home. Every element of nature—from the land itself to the cyclical progression of skies, lights, and seasons—will complement sculptural creations that will be sited in this new “museum gallery in nature.”

The garden will feature both changing exhibitions of sculpture by contemporary artists from around the Southeast and the United States, as well as carefully chosen pieces that will relate to our permanent collection of American art. It will be designed with the flexibility to accommodate changing displays.

This addition to the facility will allow the Museum to present an exciting and compelling aspect of contemporary art that, up to now, has been difficult to accommodate.  This “new dimension” of space and art will open up a world of possibilities for the enjoyment, enlightenment, and education of our audience and our community.

Mayor of Montgomery, The Honorable Todd Strange
MMFA Board President Emeritus, Roger Spain
MMFA Director Emeritus, Mark M. Johnson

Garden Society

We invite you to join the annual campaign to make the John and Joyce Caddell Sculpture Garden, a new space for education, exhibition, and events at the Museum, one of the finest galleries in the southeast. All gifts received between October 25, 2017, and April 30, 2018, will be recognized permanently in the Caddell Garden as founding Garden Society donations.

Sculpture Garden Committee

Barrie Harmon Committee Chair


Cathy Caddell Ginny Cumbus Camille Elebash-Hill
Bonner Engelhardt Peggy Mussafer Winston Wilson Reese
Adam Schloss Roger Spain Winifred Stakely
Janet Waller Laurie Jean Weil Emily Lowder Wootten

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