MMFA Responds

June 3, 2020

Dear Museum + Montgomery Community

In mid-March, we reached out with our concerns for the community’s wellbeing as the public health crisis began to emerge. Today, we reach out again with concern for the community—this time in the wake of the demonstrations in our nation, state, and city protesting the senseless death of George Floyd and far too many others.

Just as COVID-19 has required us to take comprehensive measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety as we prepare to welcome you back, these persistent and painful issues and incidents of inequity call us to rethink and recraft the ways we engage with you at the Museum and in our community. Know that we approach this work with equal resolve and rigor.

American philosopher and activist Cornel West charges us to “never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” We will turn to the transformative power of the arts as we redouble our intentions and actions to seek just such justice. We have a sense of what our next few steps might be and trust that you—our fellow Montgomerians, our creative companions—will join us in community as we continue on that path toward a more just and beautiful walk for all.

In peace and with love—

Your Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

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