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Meet Federico Uribe!

blog-uribe4-2016A lively giraffe made of colored pencils, a two-story tree made of khaki pants, a dazzling pond made of CDs – all of this and more can be found in an immersive and dreamlike exhibit created by Federico Uribe. Uribe transforms ordinary, everyday objects into extraordinary sculptures of the natural world. The Muses Teen Council was fortunate enough to experience a first-hand viewing of Federico Uribe: Transformart and conducted a personal interview with the artist.

Uribe’s artistic philosophy consists of more than just making statements, but instead creating feelings and beauty. He simultaneously imbues his own image and background in his art and attempts to evoke the same self-discovery in the viewer. Uribe grew up in Colombia on a farm and experienced a difficult childhood, but he found an escape through drawing. Colored pencils hold a special place in Uribe’s heart as a means to a personal childhood escape. This material is a common medium of his, and he believes every child can relate to drawing with colored pencils as a creative escape.

blog-uribe6-2016Uribe studied painting as a young adult, enjoying the Renaissance style until an exploration of his identity allowed him to discover a more contemporary artistic voice. Through his growth, Uribe reverted to valuing child-like wonder over the pretension and lack of originality he found in aspects of the art world. This free-spirited nature shone through in his wardrobe—plaid slacks with running shoes and a sports jacket—and posture, leaning nonchalantly across a cart as we interviewed him.

blog-uribe7-2016He offered some valuable advice for young artists: don’t procrastinate, don’t read art magazines, and don’t be pretentious. Working hard is natural to Uribe who works 10 hours a day 6 days a week, walking the beach and cycling on his free day. The Muses found inspiration in his confident self-expression and diligent work ethic to encourage us along our own artistic journeys. Thank you for letting us into your world Federico.


Written By MUSES Members: Cael Barragan, Marlee Bryant, Mikaela, Enriquez Shelly Lim, Gracie Moore, Hailey Palmer, Carson Scott, Meili Wang


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