Home Studio: Winter Mannequin

January 7, 2021


Celebrate the winter season by creating a human figure wearing cold weather clothing using paper, stencils, and other materials.


Material Suggestions

  • Template for the figure, clothing, and accessories (download using the link above)
  • Cardstock (for body parts)
  • Decorative or colored paper
  • Objects like sequins, beads, poms, pipe cleaners, ribbon for decorating
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons
  • 12 brads


Cut: Cut out the body parts from the template. Use a pencil to trace the body parts onto a piece of cardstock or thin cardboard, then cut those out of the cardboard. Each part has a dot that indicates where the brads will be placed to connect the parts together.

Create: Use the same process to create clothing for your figure- tracing the stencil onto decorative or colored paper.

Attach: Glue the clothing and accessories to the figure NOTE: Using the clothing stencils will make your figure’s joints not be able to move. If you want your figure to move use the body parts stencil to create clothing for each piece, then connect using brads last.

Embellish: Don’t forget to create a face for your figure! Use your imagination to create more details for your figure using objects like sequins, beads, ribbon, or other objects found around the house.


We love seeing your creations! If you would like us to share your work on the Museum’s website and social media outlets, please email images of your finished works of art to education@mmfa.org.

Make sure to include the following information in the email: the name and age of the artist, the title for your word art, the title of the original artwork from the MMFA’s collection that inspired your creation.

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