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Women’s Work: Prints from the Collection of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

July 02 through September 18, 2016

While women have been practicing artists for millennia, they began to truly receive recognition as professional artists in the twentieth century. Select individuals attained success as painters or sculptors prior to the modern era, but it was only when the roles of women in the workplace began to expand that women saw increasing acceptance as artists outside of the domestic sphere.

Women’s Work will showcase forty-two prints by twenty women artists from the Museum’s works on paper collection. These women produced etchings, lithography, screen prints and mixed-media work in a range of styles that reflect their times and their personal approaches to art. The artists represented will include the Alabamians Anne Goldthwaite and Clara Weaver Parrish from the earliest part of the century, to modern printmakers such as Jennifer Bartlett, Pat Steir, and Lesley Dill.


ServisFirst Bank, Helen Till, and The Alabama Humanities Foundation, the state affiliate of the national Endowment for the Humanities


Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts