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March 10 through June 03, 2012

In commemoration of the victims of the devastating storms that ravaged Alabama and the South on April 27, 2010, the MMFA  installed a small exhibition of art inspired by tornadoes, twisters, and windstorms.

This group exhibition combined objects from the Museum’s permanent collection with loans of work by artists with an interest in the power of tornados. It featured a series of mixed-media drawings by California artist David Maxim, sculpture, prints and photographs by Florida-based artist Ke Francis, glass sculpture by Seattle-based Studio Glass artist Ginny Ruffner along with works by artists based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, an area particularly hard hit by the 2010 tornados.

Delving into one of nature’s most destructive elements, these artists portray the dualistic character of tornadoes. They demonstrate the awe-inspiring power of the beautiful spinning funnels of air while exploring the destruction and tragedy they leave in their wake. In light of the horrific damage left in their path throughout the South a year ago, the works of art in the exhibition provided an opportunity to pause and reflect upon the losses suffered as well as to celebrate the community spirit that aids in recovery and renewal.

Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama.



Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts