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The Political Persuader: Cartoons by Frank M. Spangler, Sr.

September 24 through November 27, 2016

During his forty-one years as the Montgomery Advertiser’s editorial cartoonist, Frank M. Spangler, Sr. (known by his byline “Spang”), explored the day’s issues with humor, insight, and significant artistry. Spang’s witty cartoons of contested and controversial politics, in particular the Presidential election of 1928 and Alabama’s state election in 1930, alongside his skewering of U.S. Senator Thomas J. “Cotton Tom” Heflin, strongly resonate with today’s charged political climate and Presidential election. Seen in this context, these drawings prove the old adage true: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”


Frank Spangler, Sr., The Snuffer of Light, n.d., Gift of the artist, 1931.16.472