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Second Sight
Women Artists of the South

November 17 through May 19, 2019

On view in the Folmar and Newman Galleries

For generations, women have been prolific artists in the South—both women whose creativity was expressed primarily through work in and for the home, and professionals who attended art schools. Well into the 20th century women artists were not necessarily perceived as being in the traditional “mainstream.” Professionalism in the formal world of art arrived with women’s graduation from university programs and art schools. But, beneath the radar, women have always been active participants, exercising their creative impulses in a number of forms.

Two women from Alabama were pioneers at art schools in New York, and later in Paris. Clara Weaver Parrish (1861–1925) of Selma, and Anne Goldthwaite (1869–1944) from Montgomery were professionally trained and had distinguished careers as fine artists. Montgomery’s Zelda Fitzgerald (1900–1948) never attended art school, but made paintings and wrote stories that documented her life and travels with her husband, the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Many other women took art lessons locally in their communities, creating works of art for their homes or those of their neighbors. This exhibition reflects the vibrant spirit of women’s artwork in the Southern region in ways that were traditional and innovative.


Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

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Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts