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Paintings by Chuck Whitehead

March 26 through May 15, 2011

CharlesWhiteheadChauncey (Chuck) B. Whitehead was the Featured Artist of the 39th MAG/MMFA exhibition.   Whitehead was a prolific Montgomery artist, author, and poet.  He self-published five books and was president of the Creative Writers of Montgomery, but he was best known for his drawings, paintings, and sculptures.  Whitehead appreciated abstract art, but he did not make it.  He painted still lifes, landscapes, animals, nudes, portraits, and a distinctive genre of compositions he called “subliminal painting.”  As he said in 2001, “I place embossed writing on a painting, with the message invisible except when viewed in exactly the right side light.  It is then easily read by the conscious mind adding an additional measure of communication to the painting.”  His earliest incorporation of texts and images date from his time in post-war Japan, and his latest examples were created in the months before his death at age 94.

Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama.


Chuck Whitehead (1915–2010), Banjo Player, 1981, oil on canvas, Lent by Marguerite Whitehead Edwards.