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Moment Musicale

October 31 through January 10, 2016

EX.musicaleArtists find joy and inspiration in music in the same ways as other people, but they may also turn to their own visual creativity in responding to what they hear. Such is the case with the artists in Moment Musicale, a collection of works on paper from the MMFA permanent collection that find artists responding to music and musicians as subjects for their art. Included are works by early twentieth-century printmakers such as Anne Goldthwaite (1869–1944) and Irving Wolfson (1898–1961) who portray music and its effects—from quiet contemplation and serenity, to the happy syncopation of dance. Contemporary compositions include works by Nissan Engel (born 1931) and Jack Levine (1915–2010).

Jack Levine (American, 1915–2010), Gion Corner Kyoto, 1970, phototype on paper, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of Lila and Ralph Franco, 2002.12.5.53