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Lynn Saville: Dark City, Urban America at Night

July 02 through September 25, 2016

Lynn Saville’s Dark City photographs illustrate her exploration of urban America between dusk and dawn. In this series, she focuses on evocative spaces that are generally devoid of people. Vacant buildings, shuttered storefronts, and empty streets are the ostensible subjects of her pictures, but the natural cycle of decay and rebirth in urban ecology is at the heart of each of her landscapes of downtowns after dark from New York to Los Angeles. As art critic Geoff Dyer notes in the handsome book that accompanies the show, “The vacancy is both spatial and temporal—and Dark City is full of it.”


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Dark City: Urban America at Night

Publication Date: May 2015
127 pages
$45 plus tax
This hardcover book features 75 color photographs by Lynn Saville of cityscapes at twilight and dawn that convey the richness of vacancy as a descriptor and a concept. Shuttered stores, blank billboards, untended lots, ghosted figures, and abandoned industrial sites suggest the cycle of change and renewal in which places become spaces and vice versa. Foreword by Geoff Dyer.


Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts