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Joe Price Prints

June 08 through July 21, 2013

JoePricePrintmaker Joe Price enjoyed a twenty-year career creating serigraphs—prints created by the powerful graphic medium based largely on bold compositions of forms and colors.  Serigraphs (also known as silkscreens) require a meticulous and patient approach; the paper is printed multiple times, and accurate registration of the images is a key factor in their success or failure.  In Price’s case, the effects he sought in his still-life subjects were an exacting representation of reflected light and a sense of palpable atmosphere.

The pristine quality of light and surfaces in Price’s serigraphs was hard won—he typically used oil paint (rather than ink) mixed in a transparent medium. He repeated the printing of the image multiple times to build up the transparent color to create the final image.  Many of his prints required eighty or more separate screenings to achieve the result he was seeking.

Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama.



Sponsored by Sandra and Joe McInnes, The Samuel L. Schloss Family Foundation, and Warren Averett, LLC.

Joe Price (American, born 1935), Bing Cherries, 1984, screen print on paper, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of the artist and M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, 2011.12.6.