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Gogo: Nature Transformed

October 05 through December 29, 2013

Inspired by nature, Georgia designer Janet “Gogo” Ferguson creates sophisticated and intriguing jewelry and home wares. Based on Cumberland Island, the southernmost barrier island on the Georgia coast, Gogo spends much of her time in this beloved environment finding animal bones along with shells and seaweed washed ashore—objects that are the creative force behind her dazzling wearable art.

Over the last twenty-five years, Gogo’s nature-derived designs have evolved as she began incorporating different techniques and materials. First working directly with the fragile bones and shells, Gogo created cast versions in gold and silver made with the lost wax process to capture minute detail. Now, in addition to casting, she also employs 3-D scanning technology. Playing with scale, Gogo creates large works that echo her wearable pieces including a mobile of whalebone, a sea urchin pouf, and a seaweed sculpture. Through her vision, these large pieces, together with her elegant jewelry, offer a transformed experience of nature.

Organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia.


Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts