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Feathers Fall Around You

May 07 through July 10, 2016

Feathers.FallBirds have inspired artists throughout history. Seen as early as the Lascaux caves and in ancient Egyptian art, these winged creatures have continued to proliferate in artistic expression. Whether adopting a naturalist approach to examine birds in scientific detail or using them symbolically to explore spirituality, dreams, or desires, artists turn to birds as a way to signify humankind’s connection with nature. As seen in Feathers Fall Around You artists such as John James Audubon, Ke Francis, Anne Goldthwaite, Jody Musoff, and Maltby Sykes, among others, depict birds soaring majestically, relaxing in their habitat, or interacting with people. These images demonstrate not only the wide array of differences among these individual creatures but also our complex physical and psychological relationship to them.

Walter Anderson (American, 1903–1965), Chickens, ca. 1945, watercolor and graphite on paper, Gift of Mary Katherine A. Blount, 1982.17