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Color and Light
Photographs by Carl Burton

January 22 through March 13, 2011

During a thirty-year career as a professional photographer, Carl Burton documented the distinctive landscapes of Europe and the United States with particular focus on New York City.  His images record both splendid vistas as well as beguiling details. Because he works with a panoramic camera and large, horizontal prints, the viewer is enveloped by the environments that Burton records.

The artist writes, “As I work, I’m dazzled by the beauty I see, by the intensity and quality of light, by color, and by the world’s evanescence. Indeed, as I look over my work, I realize that I’m trying to stop time and capture a small part of the world before it disappears or is completely transformed. Most of the New York images, for example, now serve as records of places that no longer exist. My images document the subtle—and not-so-subtle—ways that people make their mark on the natural world.”


Sponsored by Winifred and Charles Stakely.


Color and Light: Photographs 1982–2010

Publication Date: January 22, 2011
72 pages
$36 plus tax
This photo book features color images of numerous works from the life of Carl Burton as well as an essay by Burton. Works that were in the exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts are marked with an asterisk.




Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts