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Cam Langley—GLASS

January 12 through March 17, 2013

As a participant in the American Studio Glass movement for more than thirty years, Birmingham artist Cam Langley created hand-blown objects both functional and formally inventive. Langley, trained as a civil engineer at Virginia Tech, transitioned to a career as an artist after a visit with Harvey Littleton, the dean of the American Studio Glass movement.  After learning the techniques of glass blowing at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, he set up his hot glass studio in Birmingham. This exhibition  featured 22 glass objects that are now a part of the MMFA’s permanent collection—a miniature survey of the artist’s career in glass blowing.  His most utilized forms are represented: single flowers, floral bouquets, goblets, stemware and flower bowls.


Cam Langley—GLASS was sponsored by Aliant Bank, Laura and Barrie Harmon, Carolyn G. and Dr. Alfred J. Newman, and Dr. Marla Wohlman and Mr. John Crews.




Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts