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Back to the Future
Dance and Ceremonial Objects of Traditional African Art

June 09 through November 11, 2018

On view in the Folmar and Newman Galleries

Traditional African art was not made for display in galleries and museums but was intended for everyday activities and for use in ceremonies related to the distinct cultures that made them. While art may have been seen as a static display on some occasions, in most instances it would have been part of a larger multi-media event that involved processions, music, and dance. This installation gives insight into a variety of ceremonial objects and how they were used in the context of African life in traditional societies.

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Exhibition preview

Yoruba Peoples (African, Nigeria), Mask (Efe Gelede), 20th century, wood and pigment, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of Dileep and Martha Mehta, 2013.17.33


Bozo Peoples (African, Mali), Puppet (Sigi), 20th century, wood, pigment, fabric, rubber straps, plastic, and metal nails, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of Dileep and Martha Mehta, 2013.17.11


Chokwe Peoples (African, Democratic Republic of the Congo), Mask (Pwoe), 20th century, wood, pigment, glass beads, fiber, buttons, animal fur, and metal coins, Collection of Dileep and Martha Mehta, L2014.3.3


Featured Image

Photography of installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts