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An Alternate Vision: Self-Taught Art of the Twentieth Century from the MMFA Collection

April 02 through June 19, 2016

Sudduth.3In conjunction with the exhibition A Shared Legacy, the Museum will present a selection of work by twentieth-century self-taught artists from our collection. The Museum has collected this material since the early 1980s, and assembled works that represent art primarily by those practicing in the southeastern U.S. This installation will include recently acquired works by Montgomery-native Mose Tolliver (ca. 1920–2006) and West Alabama’s Jimmy Lee Sudduth (1910–2007).

Often considered in tandem with the traditional folk art forms being exhibited in A Shared Legacy, art by the self-taught artists of the twentieth century parallels the mainstream currents of American style—abstraction, conceptualism, and realism for example. This alternative current in modern American art is increasingly being considered on its own merits, and examples are finding their way into major American art museums around the United States.

Jimmy Lee Sudduth (1910–2007), Figures Walking, 1985, earth pigments on plywood, Gift of Helen and Robert Cargo, 2004.16.2