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Alexander Archipenko: Dreizehn Steinzichnungen

November 29 through January 18, 2015

EX.archipenkoInnovative artist Alexander Archipenko (American, born Ukraine, 1887–1964) became a seminal figure for his achievements in modern sculpture. Archipenko found inspiration in the works of the Cubists and Italian Futurists, forging new ground by combining traditional and nontraditional materials. His signature ‘sculpto-paintings,’ a fusion of both painting and sculpture and his technique of incorporating voids within his works proved his pioneering avant-garde approach.

Archipenko also embraced printmaking, and he worked in a variety of techniques. Prints were often studies for his three-dimensional pieces or refinements of his completed sculptures. In 1921, Archipenko created the portfolio, Alexander Archipenko: Dreizehn Steinzeichnugen with the publisher Verlag Ernst Wasmuth in Berlin. As seen in this exhibition, this grouping of thirteen lithographs includes Archipenko’s first foray with color in the graphic arts and the imagery relates to the artist’s previous drawings and sculptures. For example, Construction, 1921 is based on his wooden construction Standing Woman, 1918 and Still Life with Vase is a new interpretation of his poly-chromed bronze Still Life with Book and Vase on the Table, 1918. In addition these works, a number of sheets in the Portfolio feature the female nude—imagery that Archipenko returned to throughout his career.

Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama.

Alexander Archipenko, Untitled (Still Life), 1921, from the Dreizehn Steinzeichnungen portfolio, lithograph on paper, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Association Purchase and Gift of Margaret Lynne Ausfeld in memory of Adolph “Bucks” Weil, Jr., 2007.3.4