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42nd MAG Museum Exhibition Featured Artist Mary Lynne Levy

April 29 through August 06, 2017

The Montgomery Artist Guild and the MMFA are excited to welcome Mary Lynne Levy as our featured artist for the 42nd MAG Museum Exhibition.

An introductory statement from the artist:

“If there is such thing as a “colorist” I would describe myself as one. The juxtaposition of color is the language of my emotions, my media choices are acrylics and watercolors, although my acrylics often resemble watercolors and sometimes are combined to express what comes from within. My work is only representative in that it represents the impact of life and experiences on me and I tend to paint in overlapping layers of color and glazes reflecting those changing feelings. I am moved by all subject matter garnered by a long life and many travels, but I am rooted in this area where I was born and lived and loved…”

The 42nd MAG Exhibition Mary Lynne Levy Catalog is available for viewing.

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Organized by the Montgomery Art Guild and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.


Sponsored by Aldridge Borden.

Mary Lynne Levy, In the Sunroom, ca. 1985, acrylic on canvas