The Language of Flowers

Student Art

January 27 through March 28, 2021

On view in the ArtWorks Corridor Gallery


For centuries flowers in art have been both pretty to look at and rich with meaning. Blossoms and bouquets may reference certain people, deities, attributes, aspects of life, or other unexpected associations. The Language of Flowers, the first exhibition of student art to open in 2021, features dazzling images and statements illuminating the significance of the flowers depicted by more than sixty students. The artists took their inspiration from the exhibition Bethany Collins: My destiny is in your hands (February 13 through May 9, 2021) and responded to the call to explore the beauty and complexity of flowers and their expressive potential.

In her first exhibition at the MMFA, Collins, a native of Montgomery and graduate of LAMP High School, explores themes of race, language, home, and belonging as well as the language of flowers, or floriography. The artist is also interested in state flowers and how they act as a visual representation of a people, their history, and their shared values. Not only were the students introduced to the work of Collins, but they were also invited to explore floriography beyond her art and create works inspired by what they learned. Each artwork is intended to not only engage visually but symbolize a memory, concept, or emotion selected by the artist who created it. The bounty of flowers on view in the exhibition ranges from realistic to abstract and includes works from schools and individuals from all over the region.


Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama.


Support for the ArtWorks Gallery is provided by Regions.

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