July 2 through September 25, 2016

On view in the Atrium, Blackmon, and Weil Galleries


Photorealist art represents the reality of the camera. Photorealist paintings and prints depict photographic images, typically of urban settings and consumer products and often in a banal manner that reflects the influence of movements such as Pop Art and Minimalism. The exhibition includes several very large prints by Audrey Flack, Ron Kleeman, and Tom Blackwell, as well as the City Scapes portfolio of 1979, which includes screen prints by John Baeder, Charles Bell, Arne Charles Besser, Thomas Leo Blackwell, Fran Bull, Hilo Chen, H. N. Han, Ronald Kleeman, Noel Anderson Mahaffey, and C. J. Yao. Four theatre marquees by Robert Cottingham will also be included.

Above: Photograph of the 2016 installation of the exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.


Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama.


Support for this exhibition was provided by Aronov and Renasant Bank.

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