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Creative Conversations: WHO I AM

Wednesday, September 23


To celebrate the virtual relaunch of the 21 Dreams exhibition, WHO I AM, MMFA presents the much-anticipated artist talk, moderated by Dr. Jacqueline Trimble, featuring exhibition artists Sunny Paulk, Toni Tony, and Carole Carson. This exhibition is presented by 21 Dreams in partnership with the Alabama State University Department of Visual Arts.

Since 2018, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts has been led by its first female director, and the institution’s founders in 1930 included women. Our holdings of works by Alabama artists Anne Goldthwaite and Zelda Fitzgerald are nationally significant, and the MMFA’s galleries reflect the visions of many other women, both creators of art and leaders who have shaped the collections including staff, board, and donors. At this moment in history, in addition to celebrating the vital work of our community partners in WHO I AM representing the lived experiences of women in Montgomery today, the Museum interviewed artist Tara Cady Sartorius about her thoughts on the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage.

About the Exhibition

WHO I AM is the vision of artist Sunny Paulk and features a collective of female artists in celebration of National Women’s History Month. This exhibition is about real people and their real stories; people that demand to be seen, and the daily challenge that presents. It’s about reconciling with who the world assumes they are, while still being strong enough to be their true self. It’s about stepping back and listening to what is unspoken and often hidden from the rest of the world. It’s about who they are.

About the Participants

Dr. Jacqueline Trimble is a professor of English and chairs the Department of Languages and Literatures at Alabama State University and a faculty supporter of the WHO I AM exhibition.

Sunny Paulk was born and raised in Montgomery. Through her art, she hopes she can facilitate unique, complex, and thought-provoking stories of humans as individuals to grow empathy and connectivity. 

Toni Tony grew up in Compton, California and moved to Alabama in 2000. A born creative, she’s been a school art teacher for 16 years and began identifying as an artist herself just two years ago.

Carole Carson is a self-taught artist from Opelika. Her work is mostly about African-Americans and their human experience.


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