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Docent Graduates Honored by the MMFA

Docent Graduation Folo#3The 2015‐2016 docent year culminated on May 12, 2016, in a joyous celebration. Traditionally as docents, we lead gallery tours, art lessons, a puppet show, and more. This was a historic year, beginning with the first ever docent‐curated exhibition. The class of new docents was also
among the largest and most diverse in recent history. It was a year of doing more with less. Docents led short courses for adults and organized docent field trips and docent socials. The socials ranged from luncheons to movies to attending plays together. It was a year when we realized the value of staff and how much they support and encourage us. It was fun on every level but also a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.

Docent Graduation Folo#2The graduation and awards event itself was fabulous, from the happy hour to the great meal to the recognition. It almost seems unreasonable to have awards given for docents having so much fun. We receive the incredible opportunity to learn about art from such a knowledgeable and genuinely likeable professional staff. That being said, we love that our efforts are recognized and appreciated. I am truly looking forward to an even more successful 2016‐2017.

DocentGraduationFoloIf you have any questions about what it is like to be a docent, please contact Jill Byrd at 334.240.4359 or tours@mmfa.orgDocent Graduation Folo#4

Paula Murphy Smith
Docent Council Chairman