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Student Artwork

Exhibitions of Student Art

The ArtWorks Gallery is devoted to temporary exhibitions of student art, inspired by work on view elsewhere in the Museum. Throughout the year, the Museum juries and hosts themed shows, and guidelines encourage teachers to develop related lesson plans. Instructions for upcoming exhibitions of student art are included below.

Current Exhibition

Growing Stronger Together

May 18 through August 4, 2019

This exhibition showcases one work of art from every third and fourth grader who participated in Learning Through Art this school year. All works are inspired by pieces from the Museum’s collection and range from original paintings and vibrant collages to impressively constructed sculptures.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Prints from the Student Art Collection

August 10 through September 22, 2019

This exhibition will feature a selection of works created over the past twenty- five years from the Museum’s Student Art Collection that represent different printmaking techniques, materials, and subjects.

Related Exhibition: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence

Life in Pictures

Artwork Due: Friday, September 20, 2019
Exhibition Dates: September 28 through November 15, 2019
Eligibility: Kindergarten through College

Jacob Lawrence, who is known for his depictions of African American life, created a vast portfolio of works during his lifetime. In addition to depicting the life and work of those around him, Lawrence created a series of historical narratives that will also be on view. Students are invited to submit works of art that reflect the daily life and work that happens around us.

Call for Entries [PDF]
Art Submission Form [PDF]
Related Exhibition: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence

Student Art Collection

The Museum has purchased artwork from many of the student art exhibitions held in the ArtWorks Gallery, forming a significant student art collection that spans over 25 years of creative expressions by young artists. Work from the student art collection is on view at various times and places and was included in two recent exhibitions in DC hosted by the Department of Education. Click here view our Pinterest gallery.

Lead Sponsor

ArtWorks Gallery student exhibitions are sponsored by Regions Bank


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