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Lectures & Gallery Talks


Join us for talks and discussions that will ignite your curiosity, encourage conversation, and invite thoughtful questioning.

Upcoming Events

Winter Exhibitions

Thu, Jan 31; 6 PM
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To celebrate the opening of our new exhibitions, About Face and Bouke de Vries: War and Pieces, exhibition curator Dr. Jennifer Jankauskas will moderate a panel discussion with artists Bouke de Vries, Walter McConnell, Sergei Isupov, and Chris Antemann touching upon topics such as their processes and why they’ve chosen the figure to explore their ideas.

British Prints and Printmakers

Sun, Feb 10; 2 PM

Curator Margaret Lynne Ausfeld will deliver a brief overview of the history of printmaking in England in conjunction with the exhibition, Hail Britannia: English Prints of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Prior to the 18th century, artists on the Continent dominated printmaking in Europe, but after 1730 engravers such as William Hogarth and William Blake created works that brought new attention to English printmakers and publishers. After a short background presentation, we will study Hogarth’s A Harlot’s Progress (1732) and images by Blake from the Book of Job (1823-1825) on view in the Weil Print Study Gallery.

Shape, Volume, and Color in the work of Joseph Albers and Donald Judd

Tue, Feb 19; Noon

Curator of Art Dr. Jennifer Jankauskas will explore the similarities and contrasts between the work of Joseph Albers and Donald Judd as seen in the exhibition Thematic Variations. Concerned with both color and form, each artist developed distinct approaches to address these structural themes and create minimal and beautiful works of art.

The Improvisational Eye

Thu, Feb 28; 5:30 PM

Join Curator Margaret Lynne Ausfeld for a conversation that delves deeper into The Improvisational Eye exhibition’s self-taught artists such as Bill Traylor, Sybil Gibson, and Juanita Rodgers and their choices of materials and imagery.

Interacting with Interaction: Donald Judd, Josef Albers, and Reading Against the Grain

Sat, Mar 30; 2 PM

This talk, led by Georgia College Assistant Professor of Art History Katie Anania, will examine what exactly Donald Judd thought he was getting from Josef Albers’ paper-based work when he wrote about it for Arts Magazine in the early 1960s. An analysis of Judd’s descriptions, along with a close look at Albers’ use of color and paper, shows how the younger artist evaded traditional understandings of art history by reading Albers’ works against the grain.