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Flimp Festival


Saturday, May 2, 2020
10 AM–2 PM

The Flimp Festival is the Museum’s free celebration of imagination, amusement, and creativity. Featuring over a dozen art-making activities, chalk, live music performances, games, and food vendors—Flimp nourishes our creative side and provides inspiration to make this world a more colorful place to live.

Spend your Saturday at the Museum! Flimp will take place rain or shine; in the event of rain, some activities may be canceled.

Admission and Parking

Flimp and all of its activities are free to all visitors. Parking is free and readily available—please follow volunteer directions.

What is a Flimp?

A Flimp is a flower imp. The word was invented by Geneva Mercer when she sculpted flower imps to cover her fountain, Flimp Fountain (1937), which is part of the Museum’s permanent collection. Flower imps, related to elves, fairies, and wood sprites, are little capricious characters who live in gardens and are responsible for the strange and wonderful things that happen there.


This event is sponsored by MAX Credit Union with additional support provided by co-sponsor Jackson Hospital.

Support Chalk Art

Help forge great memories for individual artists and teams by donating $100. In recognition of your contribution, your name and/or dedication be featured on a work of chalk art. Please contact Alice Novak at or call 334.625.4361.