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Home Studio: HeART for our Heroes

Overview Our healthcare professionals are working diligently to keep our community safe, and to show our appreciation the MMFA has joined forces with a local Montgomery artist. The artist—who wishes to remain anonymous—is donating personal protective equipment to healthcare facilities and has asked the Museum to collect words and images of encouragement from children across […]

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Home Studio: From Pieces to Patterns

Overview Begin by viewing the selected quilts and engage in discussion comparing the quilts (design, color, pattern, materials, etc)—giving the opportunity to connect to the quilts through analysis. When compared, how are the quilts similar; how are they different? Finish the discussion with concepts of traditional and contemporary quilting (pattern, symmetrical, asymmetrical, applique). Objective To

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Home Studio Projects

Overview Designed by Museum educators, these art projects allow families to explore creativity from home, utilizing materials that might already be around the house. From learning about color theory and designing paper quilt collages, to using art as a form of expressive reflection, there is an activity for everyone in the whole family to enjoy!

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