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Artists+Activism: Let’s Talk

Yvonne Wells (American, born 1939), “Yesterday: Civil Rights in the South III,” 1989, cotton, cotton/polyester blend, wool, polyester, and plastic buttons, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of Kempf Hogan, 2004.20.8

More than just a vehicle of aesthetic beauty, art has the power to evoke emotion and invoke contemplation. Artists+Activism brings artists and community members together to do just that: share ideas and consider the feelings of others. A look back through history shows how art has a place at the front lines of movements for change; the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts invites you to tune in for these conversations about expressions and changes happening today.

Join our conversation. Art is now.

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Originally aired on Saturday, June 6 on Facebook Live. Hosted by MMFA educator Laura Bocquin and featuring Montgomery and River Region artists Madison Faile, Tori Jackson, Kevin King, Milton Madison, and Tara Sartorius.