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Books and Catalogues

Discover a range of books and publications, written by art experts, covering a variety of subjects with many featuring vivid illustrations and photographs. All books and catalogues are available for purchase in the Museum Store. Quantities may be limited. Click here to learn more about the Museum Store including hours and contact information.

Paintings and Sculpture

Frank Stella Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné

Publication Date: April 26, 2016
431 pages
$75 plus tax
This hardcover book with a colorful dustjacket was prepared by Richard H. Axsom and Leah Kolb, and registers in chronological sequence more than three hundred editioned prints, reproduced in full color, including those in series and portfolios. Complete documentation of each print gives the reader a uniquely privileged insight into the creative process behind these works of art. An introductory essay, prefaces to series, and comments on individual prints by Axsom provide background information, analysis, and interpretation.

In conjunction with the exhibition Frank Stella Prints: A Retrospective.

Nature, Tradition & Innovation: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Gordon Brodfuehrer Collection

Publication Date: 2016
96 pages
$12.95 plus tax
This book celebrates more than 40 contemporary Japanese ceramists who are inspired by the natural world. Mountains, waterfalls, ocean shores, and bamboo groves are depicted in a rich variety of forms comprising 62 ceramic works—from exquisite flower vases and serene tea bowls to whimsical sake cups and robust platters—revealing the earthly beauty of Japanese ceramics. Select pieces are paired with digital photographs, taken by photographer Taijiro Ito, that highlight their poetic connection to nature. Foreword by Robert Yellin, Japanese Ceramics Specialist, an essay by Meher McArthur, and commentary by Gordon Brodfuehrer.

In conjunction with the exhibition Nature, Tradition, & Innovation: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Gordeon Brodfuehrer Collection.

Once & Again: Still Lifes by Beth Lipman

Publication Date: November 14, 2015
34 pages
$11.95 plus tax
This catalogue features stunning color images and entries for selected works from the exhibition as well as a forward by Mark M. Johnson, Director, and an essay by Jennifer Jankauskas, Curator of Art.

In conjunction with the exhibition Once & Again: Still Lifes by Beth Lipman.

Museo dei bozzetti “Pierluigi Gherardi” – Pietrasanta

Publication Date: 2015
344 pages
$XX plus tax
This paperback book, written in both English and Italian, features black and white images of hundreds of works.

In conjunction with the exhibition Giovanni Balderi: Italian Marble Sculpture from Pietrasanta.

Form and Fantasy: The Block Prints of Walter Anderson

Publication Date: 2007
127 pages
$45 plus tax
Form and Fantasy: The Block Prints of Walter Anderson features full-color and black-and-white reproductions of over 250 of the artist’s prints. Timeless, dynamic syntheses of natural form or folklore, they have earned recognition in the United States and abroad. The hardcover volume includes essays by Mary Anderson Pickard, the artist’s elder daughter, and by Patricia Pinson, curator of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, with a chronology by Christopher Maurer.

In conjunction with the exhibition Divining Nature: Watercolors and Ceramics by Walter Inglis Anderson.

A Century of Retablos: The Dennis & Janis Lyon Collection of New Mexican Santos, 1780-1880

Publication Date: 2007
240 pages
$60 plus tax
This hardcover catalogue is the premier publication of an exceptional and rare collection and fully represents the breadth of retablos painting. Introductory essays describing the art and religious values, as well as religious dimensions of specific artists’ intent and stylistic development, are captured. Individual descriptive entries examining the iconography and social history of each painting complete the presentation which will be of great use to the ongoing study of southwestern art, history, and collecting. Foreword by James K. Ballinger, The Sybil Harrington Director of the Phoenix Art Museum and collectors Statement by Janis and Dennis Lyon.

In conjunction with the exhibition A Century of Retablos: The Janis and Dennis Lyon Collection of New Mexican Santos, 1780–1880.

Sonja Blomdahl • Incalmo/Glass

Publication Date: May 12, 2007
67 pages
$22.95 plus tax
This paperback catalogue with an opaque dust jacket features 43 color photographs of incalmo glass vessels by Sonja Blomdahl with a foreword by Mark M. Johnson, Director of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, an analytical essay by Susanne K. Frantz, and a statement from the artist.

Hans Grohs: An Ecstatic Vision

Publication Date: 1996
48 pages
$12.50 plus tax
This catalogue features color reproductions of Hans Grohs works presented alongside the artist’s poetry, written in both German and English. Preface and essay by Mark M. Johnson, Director of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and an essay by the artist’s son, Frauken Grohs Collinson.


Dark City: Urban America at Night

Publication Date: May 2015
127 pages
$45 plus tax
This hardcover book features 75 color photographs by Lynn Saville of cityscapes at twilight and dawn that convey the richness of vacancy as a descriptor and a concept. Shuttered stores, blank billboards, untended lots, ghosted figures, and abandoned industrial sites suggest the cycle of change and renewal in which places become spaces and vice versa. Foreword by Geoff Dyer.

In conjunction with the exhibition Lynn Saville: Dark City, Urban America at Night.

In Time We Shall Know Ourselves

Publication Date: 2014
140 pages
$49 plus tax
This hardcover book contains 52 black and white photographs taken on a three-month road trip in the summer of 1974, with essays on the photographs by two leading scholars, Richard H. King and Alexander Nemerov. Raymond Smith’s “Retrospect” closes the volume with his reflections on that road trip viewed from a distance of forty years.

In conjunction with the exhibition In Time We Shall Know Ourselves: Photographs by Raymond Smith.

The Art of Seeing

Publication Date: April 10, 2014
80 pages
$40 plus tax
The everyday world is full of beauty. This colorful photobook is a collection of images by Warren Simons that give us a glimpse of what is right there in front of us if we slow down and take the time to see it.

Facing South: Portraits of Southern Artists

Publication Date: January 5, 2012
232 pages
$29.95 plus tax
Facing South: Portraits of Southern Artists reproduces, in both black-and-white and color, one hundred portraits of the artists that Jerry Siegel has worked with—potters, sculptures, and photographers. Facing South also includes two essays, one on the nature of photographic portraiture by Julian Cox and one on the regional countenance reflected in Siegel’s portraits by Dennis Harper. Brief biographies of the one hundred subjects are also included.

In conjunction with the exhibition Creator/Created: Jerry Siegel Portraits and Artists from the Permanent Collection.

Color and Light: Photographs 1982–2010

Publication Date: January 22, 2011
72 pages
$36 plus tax
This photo book features color images of numerous works from the life of Carl Burton as well as an essay by Burton. Works that were in the exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts are marked with an asterisk.

In conjunction with the exhibition Color and Light: Photographs by Carl Burton.

William Christenberry: Works on Paper

Publication Date: 2005
64 pages
$55 plus tax
This oversized hardcover photobook features large color reproductions of a number of William Christenberry’s works on paper that often remained hidden from collectors and curators.

Annie Leibovitz, Women

Publication Date: 2000
247 pages
$30 plus tax
The photographs by Annie Leibovitz in Women, taken especially for the book, encompass a broad spectrum of subjects. “Each of these pictures must stand on its own,” Susan Sontag writes in the essay that accompanies the portraits. “But the ensemble says, So this what women are now — as different, as varied, as heroic, as forlorn, as conventional, as unconventional as this.”

Studio Art Glass

Stephen Rolfe Powell: Glassmaker

Publication Date: October 12, 2007
213 pages
$55 plus tax
An illustrated chronicle of Powell’s glass-blowing career, this hardcover book charts the evolution of Powell’s remarkable body of work. Dazzling photographic close-ups detail the luminous murrini patterns that have become Powell’s signature and reveal new ways of appreciating the complex interplay of color and texture in his art. Biographical and analytical essays by Mark Lucas, Laurie Winters, and James Yood explore such topics as the teamwork that is critical to Powell’s unique glass making process; his teaching and learning experiences on the road, from the former Soviet Union to Salt Lake City during the Olympics; and the story of the two freak injuries that deeply affected his work and how he thinks about it.

Historical American Art Glass

In Company with Angles: Seven Rediscovered Tiffany Windows

Publication Date: March 4, 2009
32 pages
$14.95 plus tax
This paperback catalogue features acknowledgments by Charles M. Lovell, Director, Newcomb Art Gallery, an essay by the exhibition curator Arthur J. Femenella, and color images with entries for each of the seven Tiffany windows.

Old Master Prints

Fleeting Impressions: Prints by James McNeill Whistler

Publication Date: March 25, 2006
120 pages
$22 plus tax
This catalogue features black-and-white reproductions of works by James McNeill Whistler as well as a forward by Mark M. Johnson, Director of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, an essay by Eric Denker, and catalogue entries by Eric Denker, Emilie K. Johnson, and Josephine W. Rodgers.

Faith and Humanism: Engravings and Woodcuts by Albrecht Dürer

Publication Date: September 14, 2002
119 pages
$22 plus tax
This catalogue presents forty significant examples of Dürer’s print oeuvre. Faith and Humanism includes a foreword by Mark M. Johnson, Director of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and catalogue entries by Margaret Lynne Ausfeld and Gregory Jecmen. An essay by Dürer scholar Barbara Butts considers the wider range of the artist’s career, with a special emphasis on the spiritual issues that informed his character and his culture.

Rembrandt, Beyond the Brush: Master Prints from the Weil Collection

Publication Date: April 10, 1999
112 pages
$22 plus tax
This catalogue features 47 black and white plates, an essay by Susan Donahue Kuretsky, Ph.D., and catalogue entries by Paul Crenshaw and Stacey Sell, Ph.D. Mark M. Johnson, Director of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, provides an introduction.

Regional Art of the Southeast

Uncommon Territory: Contemporary Art in Alabama

Publication Date: November 18, 2017
56 pages
$12.95 plus tax
This catalogue features a forward by Interim Director Edwin C. Bridges, Ph.D. and an essay by Curator of Art Jennifer Jankauskas, Ph.D as well as color photography of select works in the exhibition.

Alabama Views and Words

Publication Date: 2017
75 pages
$25 plus tax
This hardcover photobook by Frank Uhlig brings Alabama’s rich past into the present and points to its future. It includes 80 photographs by Uhlig, captured throughout central Alabama, along with stories, essays, poems, songs and legends by 20 local authors.

Material Transformations

Publication Date: September 14, 2013
28 pages
$9.95 plus tax
Material Transformations features an introduction by Mark M. Johnson, Director of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and an essay by Jennifer Jankauskas, Curator of Art at the Museum along with color images of selected works and artist biographies.

Tin Man / Charlie Lucas

Publication Date: August 23, 2009
182 pages
$49.95 plus tax
With more than 200 vivid color photographs—of the artist at work, his studio environments, and his finished creations—Tin Man presents Charlie Lucas through his own words and stories—his troubled and impoverished childhood, his self-awakening to the depths of his own artistic vision, his perseverance through years of derision and misapprehension, and the salvation that has come through international acclaim and recognition, love of family, and his role as a teacher of children. This hardcover book has a foreword by Robert Farris Thompson, an introduction by Georgine Clarke, Visual Arts Program Manager, Alabama State Council on the Arts, and excerpts from interviews with Charlie Lucas by Ben Windham.

Alabama Masters: Artists and Their Works

Publication Date: 2008
101 pages
$9.50 plus tax
Featuring color images and detailed entries for 42 Alabamian artists, including John Kelly Fitzpatrick, Anne Goldthwaite, and Bill Traylor, Alabama Masters highlights the depth and diversity of artistic practices in the state. Introduction by Al Head, Executive Director, Alabama State Council on the Arts and an essay by Gail C. Andrews, The R. Hugh Daniel Director, Birmingham Museum of Art.

Just How I Picture It in My Mind

Publication Date: 2006
109 pages
$29.95 plus tax
This hardcover book features vivid color images of quilts from the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Mark M. Johnson, Director of the Museum provides a foreword, and Joey Brackner, Director of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture, a division of the Alabama State Council on the Arts an introduction. Additionally, there are essays by Mary Elizabeth Johnson Huff and Kempf Hogan.