An Appreciation: Mary Lynne Weil Levy

May 8, 1927 –July 16, 2021

July 21, 2021

It is with great admiration and affection that the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts community bids farewell to Mary Lynne Levy—a respected local artist and a beloved friend of the Museum.

A daughter of Montgomery, Mary Lynne embraced various roles over the course of her long life—daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, professional counselor, and community volunteer. And artist—she was always an artist. As a member of the Riverfront Painters in the 1960s, she traveled through the countryside and into small communities where she captured the essence of the rural landscape.

Mary Lynne was also a long-standing member of the Museum’s Board of Trustees and, in the early 1990s, served as the chair of the Board’s Acquisitions Committee. In these roles, she further encouraged the Museum’s initiatives to incorporate works by some of Alabama’s most important artists, including Frank Fleming, whose whimsical fountain and sculptures located on the Museum’s terrace benefited from her encouragement, engagement, and support.

Through her art and our many fond memories of time spent with her here at the Museum, we will remember Mary Lynne—her zest for life, her commitment to her community and, fortunately for us, an abiding passion for art and Montgomery’s art museum.

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