An Appreciation: Jim Barganier

July 4, 1946–December 28, 2020

January 7, 2021

Museum and Caddell Sculpture Garden architect Jim Barganier poses for a photo by the reflecting pool at the Sculpture Garden opening celebration on September 25, 2018.

With great admiration, appreciation, and affection, all of us at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts bid the fondest of farewells to Jim Barganier—our beloved friend and extraordinary designer of this good place.

Jim once wrote that buildings “should be appropriate to their function in both design and the intangible aspect of ‘feeling’.” In that spirit, he recently reflected on his vision for the Museum and its Sculpture Garden — 

When designing the museum over thirty years ago, I imagined it as a bridge that would transport its visitors to wherever the exhibit, lecture, social event, or quiet time alone they experienced would take them. The opportunity to design the sculpture garden gave me the opportunity to further realize that idea—to enhance the impression that this is a special place where, through art, they can visually be transported to other times and places.

Jim’s vision has and will continue to allow hundreds of thousands of visitors to do what he intended—allowing them to enjoy their visits, to make really good memories, and to return often to the solace that great art can offer in a world of challenge and change. For this and for so, so many other things, we thank our friend for sharing his gift with all who spend time here.

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