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Montgomery Museum of Fine Art

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Open Today 10am-9pm
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Boards of Trustees

Pete Knight President
Cathy Martin Vice President
David Chandler Treasurer
Mary Stowers Dunn Secretary
Leslie Sanders Immediate Past President


Barrett Austin Derek Johnson Bob Runkle
Cedric Bradford Rhon Jones Kathy Sawyer
Karen J. Campbell Barbara Larson Adam Schloss
Ginny Cumbus Rosetta R. Ledyard Mark Snead
Helena T. Duncan Allison Muhlendorf Barbara W. Thompson
Camille Finley Mary Lil Owens Melissa Tubbs
William R. Ford Catherine S. Porter Griffith Waller
Jason Goodson Kerry Powell Janet Waller
Myrtle Goore Susan Yvette Price Kelli Wise
Lucy Martin Jackson Sheron Rose


Past Presidents

Mrs. Harry S. Houghton (1930–1942)* Judge Walter B. Jones (1942–1944)*
Mrs. H. Flies Crenshaw, Sr. (1944–1953)* Mrs. Houghton Smith (1954–1956)*
Mrs. Price C. McLemore (1956–1961)* Mrs. William J. Mahoney, Jr. (1961–1964)*
Mrs. William B. Goodwyn (1964–1967)* Mr. Frederick Gunster (1967–1970)*
Mr. Douglas G. Jackson (1970–1973)* Mrs. Robert S. Weil (1973–1976)*
Mrs. Frederick W. Wilkerson (1976–1978) Mr. James L. Sabel (1978–1980)*
Mr. Philip T. Murkett, Jr. (1980–1982) Mrs. Vaughan Hill Robinson (1982–1984)*
D. Phillips Carr (1984–1985)* James M. Scott (1985–1986)
Laura C. Luckett (1986–1988) Peggy M. Mussafer (1988–1990)
 Caroline B. Novak (1990–1992) John Walter Stowers (1992–1994)*
Winifred Stakely (1994–1996) Camille Elebash-Hill (1996–1998)
Philip A. Sellers (1998–2000)* Carlton “Carl” Barker (2000–2002)
Margaret Lowder (2002–2004) Laurie J. Weil, D.V.M. (2004–2006)
Gordon Martin (2006–2008) Patricia Pinchback (2008–2010)
Mrs. Polly Hardegree (2010–2012) Barrie H. Harmon, III (2012–2014)
Roger Spain (2014–2016) Leslie Sanders (2016–2018)

* Deceased

Junior Executive Board

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts founded a Junior Executive Board in 2011 to promote membership and to build awareness among young professionals in the River Region. The Junior Executive Board targets community arts enthusiasts ages 25 to 40 and hosts events throughout the year including Last Call, an arts-focused after-hours event.

Cassandra Cavness President
Griff Waller Immediate Past President



Kate Bartlett Madeline Burkhardt Molly Clark
Senna Colson Derek Covington Toshia Duvall
Michael Foxhall Bee Frederick Austin Gaines
Rachael Gallagher Amanda Ingram Octavius Jackson
Jake Jacobs Sheldon Martin Lora McClendon
Holly C. McCorkle Drew Nelson Joyia Pittman
Anne Sanford Naomi Slipp Ada K. van Wyhe
Joshua Vaughn Jose Vazquez


Resumes are solicited in the fall of each year and service on the Junior Executive Board runs from January to December. To learn how you can be a part of JEB, please contact Assistant Curator of Education Elisabeth Palmer at or 334.625.4362.