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Groups and Tours

Large Groups and Docent-Led Tours

Docent-led tours are offered for groups of 10 or more, Tuesdays through Fridays. Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance and confirmed by the Tour Coordinator. Please let us know of any accommodations for your group.  The Museum strives to meet all needs.

Self Guided Tour

For groups larger than 10. Free, but kindly complete the registration form.

Docent-led Tour

Suitable for 10–25 people. Reservation price of $15 per 25 participants, maximum of 75 participants. To schedule a tour, please complete this form.

Docent-led Tour and Studio Lesson

Suitable for 10–25 people. Reservation price of $3 per participant, minimum of 10 participants. To schedule a tour, please complete this form.

International Tours

The Museum offers tours in Korean, Spanish, and German. To schedule a tour, please contact the Tour Coordinator at or call 334.625.4359.

Free Tours

Weekend Tours

Free docent-led tours are offered at 1 PM the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month.

Cell Phone Tours

The Museum’s cell phone audio tour features artists, curators, students, and more. A unique symbol indicates each work on the tour with the number to call.

Curriculum-Based Tours

Gallery Tour

The Museum hosts all 5th graders attending Montgomery Public Schools and offers two curriculum-based tour programs, Becoming Alabama and The American Scene, which other area schools are invited to take advantage of. The curriculum can be adjusted for different grade levels.

Becoming Alabama (Social Studies, upper elementary)

Becoming Alabama, marking the bicentennial of the state, examines themes related to the Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, agriculture, industry, and more. The studio lesson is inspired by Stars Falling on Alabama, and the ArtWorks component relates to Native American culture.

Download the curriculum guide: Part 1 and Part 2.

The American Scene (Social Studies, upper elementary)

The American Scene introduces American visual culture through portraits, landscapes, genre scenes, and sculptures created in a variety of historical eras. Students enjoy related theatrical and musical experiences in ArtWorks and create mixed-media sculptural works in the studios.

Download the curriculum guide: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Math Tours

Math tours include calculations related to the building, an exploration of the Fibonacci sequence represented in ArtWorks, and mathematics connections in works of art. A studio lesson based on the Fibonacci sequence is also available.

Language Arts Tours

Students are invited to write about and share their interpretations of works of art, from stories to poems to other narratives, as appropriate for their studies.

Pre-K/K Tours

Pre-K tour offerings include representations of the natural world and related studio lessons.

Other Tours


Visual Thinking Strategies

VTS facilitates student-driven discussion of works of art and promotes careful looking and critical thinking skills.  An open-ended, student-centered studio lesson is also available.

Special Exhibitions

Tours of Special Exhibitions are offered throughout the year. The Museum also provides highlight and customized tours of the collection, which features American paintings, including regional art, works on paper, decorative arts, select arts of Africa, and more.

The Weil Graphics Art Center

In addition to the exhibitions on view, the Weil Print Room is also available for academic institutions to study requested prints. The collection includes European (from the 15th century onwards) and American prints.

ARTWORKS Group Visits

Because of the volume of visitors and other tours to this interactive gallery, groups of 10 or more to ArtWorks must be arranged in advance. The booking fee is $15 per 25 participants. To schedule a tour, please complete this form.


For additional information and questions, please contact the Tour Coordinator at or call 334.625.4359.

First Person: Sharisma Bell

Sharisma BellCongratulations to our former intern Sharisma Bell! Earlier this month, she was hired as the Marketing Producer for Raycom Media in Montgomery. Before getting her new job, she interned here at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Marketing and Public Relations for six months. In the end, she had dedicated 324 hours of her time towards learning every detail of the department from writing a news release, establishing contacts, to managing social media. Her final task was to write an informative blog about her experience here at the Museum.

Having graduated three years ago, being an intern was in the rear-view mirror for me. I had already completed two internships during my undergraduate studies, so at the age of 25, I couldn’t imagine being one for the third time. I like to think that we always have something to gain from every moment in life and sometimes you have to start as the student. Initially, I wondered could I be an intern again? Was it even worth it to dedicate time to something that I wasn’t receiving credit for? I pushed those thoughts aside when I approached Cynthia Milledge, the director of Public Relations and Marketing at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, about a possible internship. I could not pass up the opportunity to learn a couple of things from one of my favorite childhood places.

When I thought about a possible internship, I felt a sense of pride to be amongst prestige and art. I have always loved art because I think there is beauty in people creating what they feel, what they see, or what affects them. I find that viewing artwork allows you a quick glance at the artist’s mindset. Growing up in Montgomery, there were several occasions where I would visit the MMFA on field trips. I was either in ArtWorks with Bear Elementary or I was picking a piece of artwork and writing a poem for it with Booker T. Washington Magnet High School.

To be a part of what goes on behind the scenes of the Museum was definitely something I wanted to experience. So finally, I was able to achieve my goal and being here has allowed me to grow deeper into my creativity. While interning here, I have met some great people who have given me the foundation to expand my writing skills and my artistic ability. For example, I have researched several art pieces extensively and wrote descriptions of each piece for the Cell Phone Tours in the galleries. Secondly, I had the opportunity to write mock blogs and news releases in the Public Relations Department. Finally, I comprised two potential community projects that stemmed from my being a part of the atmosphere of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

All of these opportunities became possible through my decision to become an intern once again despite having graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2014. I refused to let my age or my pride get in the way of me learning. I now realize if you remain humble, you might even see things that you might have been too proud to see. This has been an enlightening and unforgettable experience, and being a part of the MMFA family has only added more significant meaning and value to one of my favorite childhood places growing up in the capital city.

Internship Opportunities

Curious about a career at an art museum? Click here to learn more about internship opportunities at the Museum.



The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is committed to recognizing and assisting the needs of our visitors.


All of our restrooms include at least one wheelchair accessible stall as well as baby-changing facilities and a step stool to safely reach the sink.

Seating is available throughout our galleries.

All floors are accessible by elevator.

Tours are available in Korean, Spanish, and German. To schedule a tour, please contact the Tour Coordinator at or call 334.625.4359.

Mobility Impairments

Designated parking spaces for vehicles with a disability permit are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We can also accommodate vans and buses.

Manual wheelchairs are available for use at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis. Bring a valid ID to the front security desk to check out a wheelchair. Power wheelchairs and motorized scooters are allowed in the building. The Museum’s galleries, café, and store are wheelchair accessible.

Hearing Impairments

Assistive listening devices are available for programs that take place in the Wilson Auditorium. These devices are complimentary and can be checked out at the entrance of the Auditorium.

Visual Impairments

Audio tours of select artworks are available for free through our Cell Phone Tours for both adults and youth. For more information, please ask the volunteer at the welcome desk.

Large print gallery guides for select temporary exhibitions are available for use in the galleries for free.

Service Animals

Service animals for visitors with disabilities are welcome at the Museum and must be appropriately controlled at all times.


The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is working to become more inclusive for all of our visitors. If you have additional needs, please provide us with information on how we can better serve you by contacting Brandy Morrison at or 334.625.4365.

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