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Month: May 2018

Docent Awards 2018

Each year we celebrate our new docents, who have completed their studies and begun to lead quality learning experiences at the Museum, and honor those who have gone above and beyond in their service to the Museum. Our docent volunteers lead tours for students (including experiences in the galleries, studios, and ArtWorks) and adults, give off-site presentations, perform puppet shows, and help lead public programs. The work we do at the Museum would not be possible without their dedicated support.

2017–2018 Graduates

This year we welcomed a class of five docents who bring a set of diverse experiences and talents to our distinguished group of docent volunteers.

Paula Hayes, Elizabeth Jean, Bridget Koehler, Susan Lee, and Madeline Williams (not pictured)


100 Hour Club

Awarded to our most dedicated docent volunteers, who have served well beyond the required 40 hours a year.

Gretchen Sippial [125 hours], Mary Lil Owens [100 hours], and Binnie Coats [105 hours]

Outstanding Contribution to Kindergarten Program

Awarded to a docent(s) who helped to deliver on stage magic during the Puppet Show and supported the Cakewalk Tour.

George Jacobsen and Katherine Danley

Outstanding Contribution to Tour Outreach

Awarded to the docent who helped prepare students and schools for their visit to the Museum.

Laura Bocquin, Outreach Coordinator, and Beverly Bennett

Outstanding Contribution to Studio

Awarded to the docent who helped to support and lead programs in the studio including Family Art Affair and Flimp Festival.

Binnie Coats and Kaci Norman, Assistant Curator of Education, Youth, Family, and Studio Programs

Outstanding Contribution to ArtWorks

Awarded to the docent(s) who led interactive tours with enthusiasm and engaged young people on their level.

Kelly Bazan, ArtWorks Educator, Gretchen Sippial, and Paula Smith (not pictured)

Outstanding Contribution to Gallery

Awarded to the docent who goes above the call of duty in the galleries, working to provide quality tours that hold the interest of groups of all ages.

Mary Lil Owens and Kaci Norman, Assistant Curator of Education, Youth, Family, and Studio Programs

Wayne Barto Memorial Award

Awarded to a first-year docent who is an enthusiastic and integral part of our new docent class.

Elisabeth Palmer, Assistant Curator of Education, Docent, and Adult Programs, and Susan Lee

Pat Wanglie Award

Awarded to a docent who creates an enriching experience, and achieves the learning goals of the Museum. This docent is gracious and welcoming of various viewpoints.

Elisabeth Palmer, Assistant Curator of Education, Docent, and Adult Programs, Mary Lil Owens, and Alice Novak, Curator of Education


Guy Davis, Market President for BB&T. The Docent program is made possible by BB&T.

Become a Docent

The Museum is always looking for committed individuals who are interested in art and making connections with people. Teaching credentials or artistic backgrounds are not required. The Museum will supply the necessary training to lead dynamic learning experiences for all ages effectively. Click here to learn more and apply.

Flimp Chalk 2018

Artists of all ages took part in the annual Flimp sidewalk chalk art competition on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5, 2018. Working as individuals and in groups, artists transformed the Museum’s parking lot into a gallery of chalk masterpieces.

Inspired by our spring exhibitions, Journey of the Islander: The Life and Art of Walter Inglis Anderson and Natural Wonders: The Art of Jacqueline Bishop and Douglas Bourgeois, this year’s theme was Gulf Coast Jubilee.


This year’s competition was judged by Tonya Terry of WSFA, local artist Melissa Tubbs, and Rick Dildine, the Artistic Director at Alabama Shakespeare Festival. All prizes were donated by local businesses: Chick-fil-a, Eastdale Mall, Frios Gourmet Pops, Montgomery Biscuits, Montgomery Zoo, Nancy’s Italian Ice, and W.A. Gayle Planetarium.

Elementary School

First Place
“No More Waiting”
Blount Elementary School
Sean Dickson, Morgan Dozier, Valeria Hidlago, Dylan Jenkins
Second Place
“Mystical Excitement”
Blount Elementary School
Ella An, Chloe Lim, Haley McBeal, and Reagan Slinkard
Third Place
“Fun and Free”
Blount Elementary School
Leo Jin, Mahalia Mallory, Audrina Nelson, Daniela Velazquez
“Life is good”
Blount Elementary School
Mimi Darawad, Dallas Henderson, Sidney Lowe, Coleman Russell

Middle School

First Place
“A Sailor’s Perspective”
Floyd Middle Magnet School
Kolbi Bates, Mariah Thomas, and Tyler Toth
Second Place
Saint James School
Nicolas Hakala, Julie Lee, Jiyeon Paek, Zenifa Zaman
Third Place
Montgomery Academy
Annalia Berry, Chandler Brazil, and Jonilah Megie
“Deep Sea”
Trinity Presbyterian
Anna Kate Blissitte, Katherine Lamkin, Abby Taunton, and Lily Yancey

High School

First Place
“Road Trippin”
Saint James School
Christine Choy, Erin Dickey, Camillia Richardson, Aaliya Jo Sims
Second Place
Saint James School
Peyton Christian, Abby Engles, Claudia Hubbard, and Hannah Mathis Ray
Third Place
“Fish Hair, Don’t Care”
Montgomery Catholic
Lauren Beverly, Hailey Covington, Chloe Newell, Samantha Zanglin
“Sweet Catch”
Montgomery Catholic
Daphne Hardy, Cameron Morris, and Mari Caitlin Riggles


First Place
“Excitement Among the Fish”
Laura Murray
Second Place
“Ocean Child”
Meredith Cooper, April Harris, and Stephanie Kirkland
Third Place
“Taste of the Gulf”
Heather Cap
“Excitement Among the Fish”
Laura Murray


Emcee Award
“Gulf Essence”
Booker T. Washington Magnet High School
Kaitlyn Campbell, Alexis Day, Patrice Escalera, and Emily Turner

Thank You

This event would not have been possible without the support of the chalk art sponsors listed below:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Neal Acker in honor of Pamela Swan
  • Dr. and Mrs. Winston M. Ashurst
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bowen Ballard
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Bennett
  • Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Britton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Butler
  • Mrs. Dorothy D. Cameron
  • Kearly L. Foster, CPA
  • Mr. and Mrs. William F. Furr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Gill
  • Mrs. Ann Hubbert
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Keene
  • Mrs. Anne D. King
  • Mrs. H. F. Jim Levy
  • Longleaf Strategies
  • Lowder New Homes
  • Mr. and Mrs. L. Daniel Morris, Jr.
  • C.J. Morrow Carraway Baker Law, LLC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adam Muhlendorf in memory of Pamela de la Torre
  • Ms. Alice Novak and Mr. David Carter in honor of Gunter Giddens
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tabor R. Novak, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Phillip O. Rawlings
  • Mr. and Mrs. S. Adam Schloss
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Stakely
  • Ms. Micki Beth Stiller
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Swan, II in honor of Pamela Swan
  • Mrs. Helen A. Till
  • Dr. Laurie J. Weil and Dr. Tommy Wool in honor of Mark M. Johnson, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Weil, III
  • Judge Gene Reese and Mrs. Winston Wilson Reese
  • The Tipping Point

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