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Montgomery Museum of Fine Art

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Audio Cell Phone Tours

To supplement our tour offerings, cell phone tours are available for individuals and groups who would like to tour the museum on their own. Call 334.450.0242 and you can access various recordings by curators, artists and educators who provide information about works in our collection. When you visit the galleries, look for the cell phone symbol and enter the number featured on the label.

Docent Led Tours

ED_tourDocents are guides who lead tours of the Museum’s permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. Guided tours are uniquely designed to accommodate different groups from kindergarten to adults.

Price: $15 per 25 participants; Studio Lesson: $3/person

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Highlights of the Collection

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts features an impressive collection of American paintings and sculptures from the colonial period to the present.  The collection includes the Colonial portraits of John Singleton Copley and Charles Wilson Peale; landscapes by Thomas Moran, Frederic Edwin Church, and George Inness; outstanding watercolor paintings by Winslow Homer, Maurice Prendergast and Charles Demuth; modern masterpieces by Stuart Davis and Edward Hopper. Tours of the permanent collection may also include works by well known regional artists, such as, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Charles Shannon, and self-taught artists, Bill Traylor and Charlie Lucas.

Price: $15 per 25 participants; Studio Lesson: $3/person

Special Exhibitions

The Museum features an exciting array of special exhibitions throughout the year. To enhance your visit, you can request a guided tour from a trained docent educator. Three weeks advance notice is needed, so please have several dates and times in mind.

Price: $15 per 25 participants; Studio Lesson: $3/person

Special Exhibitions

The Weil Graphics Art Center

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts has one of the finest collections and facilities for the study of American and European works on paper of any municipal museum in the country. The Museum holds woodcuts, etchings, engravings, and other multiples by artists from the 15th to the 19th century as part of its European master print collection, and American works on paper of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Works in the collection that are not on view can be made available for study by college and university classes. The class size cannot exceed 18 students. All group visits require a three weeks advance notice.

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ED.tour.seniors.1Special Needs Tour

Tours are available for all adult audiences with special needs, including the visually impaired and physically challenged visitor. If your group or organization requires special assistance, please contact the education department.

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First Sundays

Learn more about artwork in the Museum in these FREE docent led tours, held the FIRST Sunday of each month at 1 P.M.


Self Guided Tours

Tours.collect.15Visitors can schedule a group tour without a tour guide. Self-guided tours are free (not including ARTWORKS), but a one-week reservation is required in advance. All tour requests must receive a confirmation before tour requests are finalized. If you would like assistance with gallery topics and lessons plans, you can download suggested gallery lessons or check out the Museum’s family backpacks for young children in the ARTWORKS gallery. For more information call the Jill Byrd, Tour Coordinator, at 334.240.4359.


ARTWORKS is the Montgomery Museum’s dynamic interactive family gallery.  Please note: Due to the high volume of ARTWORKS visitors, including school tours from 9 to 12, groups consisting of 10 or more visitors must make a reservation 48 hours in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Price: $15 for 10 to 25 visitors

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Curriculum Tours

ED_5thgradeTourTours are available for school groups in grades K-12, Tuesday through Friday. To request a tour, please fill out the online request form. Tour requests are not official until you have received a confirmation from the Tour Coordinator.


The American Scene (Visual Arts/Social Studies, 5th – 12th grade)

This special curriculum-based tour is designed for 5th grade students in public and private schools. The tour covers a range of subjects in the Museum’s permanent collection of American art, and addresses content standards in language arts, social studies, math, and visual arts. This tour is organized in conjunction with Montgomery Public Schools and includes the participation of all students in the 5th grade. Special arrangements are also available for private schools. To learn more about the tour content, you can download the guide or view the content online.

School Tours

Visual Thinking Strategies Tour (VTS)

(Grades K-12)

ED.5th.tourVisual Thinking Strategies or VTS is a teaching model that promotes careful looking and critical thinking skills. VTS is a teaching model based on research by Abigail Housen and Philip Yenawine. The VTS tour values the perspective that students bring to discussions about works of art. Three weeks advance notice is needed to schedule VTS tours, so please have several dates and times in mind.

Price: $15 per 25 students

VTS with Studio

(Grades 3-6)

ED_5thGrTourVisual Thinking Strategies is a discussion-based tour rooted in discussions about works of art. The MMFA education department has developed a studio component of the tour that includes student-centered dialogue as part of the art-making process. Three weeks advance notice is needed to schedule VTS tours with studio, so please have several dates and times in mind.

Price: $15 per 25 participants; Studio Lesson: $3/per student


Shape Landscape

During this tour, participants will look at landscape paintings and create a scene with pre-cut basic shapes.

Price: $15 per 25 participants; Studio Lesson: $3/per student

Kindergarten and First Grade

ED.tour.73Something’s Fishy

During this tour, participants will view animals in the Museum’s collection and draw and paint a big fish.

Price: $15 per 25 participants; Studio Lesson: $3/per student

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