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Five “Greats” chosen by our staff from the MMFA Collection

Short on time while visiting the MMFA? Make sure to check out these pieces for an insight into the variety of the Museum’s collection. All works were marked as favorites by the Museum’s staff!

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Blount Collection

Edward Hopper, New York Office, 1962

Top5.HopperNew York Office was painted when Hopper was eighty years old, and very near the end of his life.  But the subject of the painting had occupied the artist since virtually the beginning of his career, combining three major themes he revisited regularly in his art: urban environment, the business office, and a solitary figure viewed through a window from the outside.

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John Singer Sargent, Mrs. Louis Raphael, ca. 1906

Top5.SargentThis portrait depicts the wife of one of the directors of a prominent London Bank, R. Raphael and Sons. The setting is Sargent’s London studio at 31 Tite Street, which is documented in contemporary photographs. Specific accessories such as the sculpture on the mantelpiece as well as those visible in the mirror are known to have been in Sargent’s studio when the portrait was made in about 1906.

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Karen LaMonte, Ojigi Bowing, 2010

Top5.LamonteFrom afar, Ojigi-Bowing seems to glow from within.  Without a head or hands, it seems almost ghostly.  On closer inspection, the piece reveals the glow to be the overhead light refracting through the hollow interior out through the slightly frosted, but still translucent glass.

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Gary Chapman, Mutter und Tochter, 1993

Top5.ChapmanThe artist Gary Chapman defines the “attractiveness” of the mother in Mutter und Tochter as based upon his personal experience of powerful, confident women. It his belief that mothers need to be strong role models for their daughters as women continue to strive for full social equality.  This mother embodies the idea of physical strength, as it is portrayed in her defined musculature, and her confident pose.

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Young Gallery

Kelly Fitzpatrick, Negro Baptising, 1930

Top5.NegroBaptisingNegro Baptising is one of the first paintings acquired by the museum, donated by Fitzpatrick, who was a member of the first board of directors and a teacher in the affiliated art school. Like many of his works, it depicts an activity he witnessed in the local rural black community, in this case a traditional river baptism.

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