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Natural Wonders
The Art of Jacqueline Bishop and Douglas Bourgeois

March 24 through June 10, 2018

On view in Alan H. Goldman Gallery, the Fred A. Richard, Jr. Gallery, and the Rushton, Stakely, Johnston, & Garrett P. A. Gallery

The artists Jacqueline Bishop (born 1955) and Douglas Bourgeois (born 1951) reside in Louisiana, a state that is a place of profound mystery embodied in its history, culture, and the distinctive landscape. Like their predecessor artist from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Walter Anderson (1903–1965), Bishop and Bourgeois are in a sense “artist-activists.” Their work calls the viewers’ attention to various threats to our natural world and our cultural traditions. Bishop has traveled the world, focusing on the loss of habitat and destruction of natural environments in developing countries, as well as close to her New Orleans home. Like Bishop, Douglas Bourgeois also tracks a landscape, this one the cultural melting pot that has characterized Louisiana and its society since settlement. His compositions meld imagery from popular culture with portraits of the colorful characters native to this state, which retains its distinctive sense of the various ethnicities that have built it over time.

This exhibition will present examples of each artist’s work that demonstrate their mutual interest in the environmental and social dislocation that is of increasing concern as we progress into the twenty-first century. Both are meticulous craftspeople whose paintings assemble objects and people into compositions that are vibrant and layered with nuance. Each in his and her way reflects a consciousness of the inevitable mortality of peoples, societies, and the earth itself.

The Museum expresses its appreciation to Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA and to the artists for their assistance in assembling the works exhibited in Natural Wonders.

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Douglas Bourgeois (American, born 1951), The Worry Tree, oil on panel, Photograph provided by the Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA