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Event: Short Course: Alabama Quilts

Tuesday February 07, 2017

Short Course: Alabama Quilts
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join us for this Short Course to learn more about Alabama quilts and explore the exhibition Sewn Together.  Throughout our state’s history, quilting has brought communities together, and now the MMFA and the Archives have paired quilts from our collections, representing similar themes, pattens and techniques in works created across various times, places, classes, and racial lines.  The course sessions are described below.

February 7

Mary Elizabeth Johnson Huff and Carole King, co-directors of the Alabama Quilt Book Project, will present an overview of the Anglo and African-American quilting traditions in the state and highlight a few recent discoveries.

February 14 and 21

Exhibition co-curators Margaret Lynne Ausfeld and Ryan Blocker will address the pairs of quilts on view in Sewn Together: Two Centuries of Alabama Quilts.

February 28

Margaret Lynne Ausfeld will explore the widely recognized and influential quilts of Gee’s Bend.

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